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Buy Kids / Baby Nursery Room Stencils Online

Custom AND ready made nursery room stencils - of all sizes!

Buy low price, custom made / bespoke kids nursery stencils OR select from our range of ready-made plastic kids nursery stencils.


Choose from a range of small and large stencils - ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches (3cm to 30cm)


Whether it's for decorating the side of a cot, painting designs on to the walls or for creating custom DIY wall art. our off the shelf and custom-made nursery room stencils are perfect for all sorts of projects!


...Remember, if you can't find a nursery bedroom stencil design, please get in touch about a custom stencil - You'll be surprised about how cheap but good value they are!

Kids Nursery Stencils

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