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Personalised Teacher Appreciation Bookmarks

Looking for a unique teacher appreciation thank you bookmark? you have come to the right place! All of our teacher bookmarks are 100% unique and won't be found anywhere else!

Please browse or range of teacher bookmarks below. They come in a range of materials including wood (including real oak) and plastic acrylic glass (just like real glass only virtually unbreakable). you teacher will be sure you love their gift and cherish your thoughtful bookmark forever!

All of our teacher bookmarks are 100% customisable. Looking for something a little different for your teacher, something extra special? Please get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Teacher Appreciation

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  1. Personalised Teacher Bookmark - For End Of Term Summer Leaving Thank You Present

    Wooden Personalised Teacher Bookmark

    These quality wooden bookmarks make a fantastically unique gift for your teacher at the end of term, for Christmas or if you are leaving the school!

    Professionally engraved on to beautiful oak - these bookmarks are strong and made to last with only the best quality wood used.

    This can be made for your Teacher, Head Teacher, Nursery Teacher, Teaching Assistant, T.A., Classroom Assistant, Child Minder, Baby Sitter OR Key Worker!

    Each individual wooden bookmark measures 200mm x 40mm x 4mm

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1 Item(s)