Wedding Venue Portraits

Presenting the latest and greatest thing to hit the personalised wedding gift market!

Our PersonalisedWedding Venue Portraits are one of our most popular products and its not hard to see why... with the artwork either engraved on to the finest oak wood, or printed on to quality white card then mounted in your choice of quality frame, these gifts really stand out and make a wedding keepsake that truely will be cherished forever!

commissioned wedding venue portrait

Our unique wedding venue portraits are hand-drawn by professional pen and ink artist Leigh Arthur, then engraved or printed and personalised with the wording of your choice!

Choose Your Venue

Let us know the name of your venue so we can source a high quality photograph to render the drawing from, OR send us a photograph of your choice!

Choose your Options!

Artwork can either be engraved onto oak then mounted in to an unglazed box frame


Printed onto quality white card, and mounted in to a glazed frame

The finished artlice can be personalised with any wording you want. Simply let me know the personalised details to include and we will do the rest.

Choose your Frame!

Choose between a wooden frame or a white frame - both are beautiful!

Be Exclusive!

You won't have to worry about someone else buying the same thing for the bride and groom. We keep a careful note of every order that comes in, to ensure that only ONE of these is purchased per married couple,per venue! Its a first come first served basis and don't worry your secret is safe with us!

So be quick, to ensure that YOU are the one presenting this beautiful product to the bride and groom!

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