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Tree Guestbooks

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  1. Rustic Wooden Tree Wedding Guestbook Autumn Colours Leaves Personalised Trunk

    Autumn Colours Personalised Wooden Wedding Tree Guestbook

    Introducing our beautiful "autumn colours" wedding tree guest book. Made up entirely of beautiful mixed yellow, orange and red wood pieces.

    This tree wedding guestbook is of the highest quality - your guests will be amazed at this guestbook alternative and love signing the individual leaves to help celebrate your wedding day and complete your tree.

    The guestbooks can be EXTREMELY easily mounted on to a piece of wood OR framed - and will look AMAZING on your wall after your wedding.

    Some customers even mount their guestbook directly on to their wall using a good multipurpose glue or sticky-back pads (so it can be taken down again if they move house!). Alternatively you can have your completed guestbook mounted on to a nice frame or on to a piece of wood - the choices really are ENDLESS!

    Please note: The backing board shown in the photo is not included. 

    For your wedding, you can either assemble, mount and display your guestbook for your guests to sign OR you can have the leaves in a pile next to the trunk for your guests to pick, sign and add to the tree themselves - both ideas work well.

    There are several different sizes to choose from!

    Personalise the heart mounted on the tree with your wedding details! (The more text requested - the smaller it will become)

    The trunk of the tree even has a cute heart with your initials inscribed!

    We will also include an extra couple of leaves for free so that you can try out your pens on them! Any fine tipped marker pen works perfectly. Should there be a need, you can even buy additional spare leaves before or after your wedding (in case one gets lost for example) - we have it all covered!

    Each individual leaf is approximatly 60mmx40mm in size leaving plenty of space for your guests to sign or leave a small message; The guestbook is 6mm thick

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1 Item(s)